$1 Billion Business Building Maverick Reveals the Hidden Path to Profits
Each of His Business “Anti-Rules” Could Make You $1 Million - If Not More - and You Can Get Started Just 8 Minutes from Now

Dear Ambitious Early to Riser,

I don’t mean to shock you. But if you run a business, are thinking of starting a business, or even if you work for somebody else, you need to hear this:

Ninety-nine percent of what you’ve heard about business and marketing is dead wrong.

Whether the subject is business start ups, increasing sales and profits, or introducing new products… what you’ve read in the vast majority of the business press and from so-called “experts”well, itjust doesn’t hold true in the real world.

And I’ll prove it to you in moment… to the tune of $300 million.

You see, I’ve discovered the “antidote” to all the poisonous business ideas making the rounds out there. It’s actually a person… someone I work with very closely. Someone who’s guided dozens of businesses to the multi-million dollar level. Someone who is in demand as a consultant by those who know what’s what when it comes to business.

One client, Dr. David Keller, used his advice to start a multi-million dollar online alternative health business – no more 12-hours days in private practice

This “antidote’s” books on business have graced the Business Week, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestseller lists.

And marketing expert Jay Abraham says: “I know for a fact that the strategy he teaches is the exact same strategy he has personally used to amass extraordinary wealth and prosperity for himself.”

The good news is you too can learn from his example and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that befall most entrepreneurs and business people. By following the “rules” that he has developed over his 40+ years in business you can:

  • Start your own business the right way…
  • Super-charge the growth of your existing business…
  • And, if you work for somebody else, propel your career forward with speed you never thought possible…

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn (this is information he has revealed previously only to his closest associates and paying clients):

  • The first thing you should focus on with any business – don’t even think about office space or business cards

The anti-MBA that will leave Harvard grads in the dust and you laughing all the way to bank

  • How failure can actually be a good thing (and can accelerate your success)
  • The Two-Headed Business Model - triple or even quadruple your chance of success
  • 3 “Instant Profit Boosters” – the only 3 ways you can increase sales and grow your business
  • Why “first to market” means “last in profits”… the trends that can kill your business
  • The $17 million in 5 years business plan – selling only to existing customers
  • The Conceit of Outside Knowledge – secrets invisible to outsiders that determine if your business lives or dies
  • The “CEO Bottleneck Syndrome” - when it comes time to fire the boss (that’s you)
  • And much more…

As you can see, the entrepreneur I’m talking about specializes in showing businesspeople like you the true nature of business. He shatters the myth that entrepreneurship is about risking millions (or even billions) in start up capital on crazy ideas.

He’ll show you why successful entrepreneurs don’t fly by the seat of their pants. And how to apply his tested principles and carefully crafted methods to your business ventures. By following his advice your revenues could double, triple, if not more in the next year. 

A Business Veteran Who’s Not Afraid to Tell It like It Is

Hi, my name is Charlie Byrne, I’m the Associate Publisher of Early to Rise. At over 400,000 subscribers, it’s the Internet’s largest health, wealth, and success newsletter. And over the years I’ve gotten a business education from a serial entrepreneur that has been instrumental in dozens of successful businesses, including Early to Rise, itself a $26 million company.

For instance, he helped take one business from nothing... to $100 million in revenues.  Then, after a short retirement, he helped a second company grow from $8 million to more than $300 million.

He got out of the real estate market before it tanked. He anticipated the recent stock market crisis and got out in time to protect his investments.

In a nutshell, he’s run successful businesses for more than four decades and he knows how to teach others – that means you - to do the same.

I’m talking, of course, about Michael Masterson. He’s not only an entrepreneur, premier business consultant, and investor, but also the author of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestsellers Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Your Business,, Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, and Seven Years to Seven Figures, among others.

But he hasn’t forgot his roots as an entrepreneur, or what made him successful – as has happened with other successful biz people who take a rosy (and hazy) view of their rise to the top when they set out to write their own business tomes.

You’ve heard his wisdom each week in Early to Rise. And you’ve probably read at least one of the books I just mentioned. Or you may have seen him speak at an Early to Rise conference.

“I've followed your writings for several years now and, quite simply, the more I listen to you the better my life gets... and the more money I make! 

“Eighteen months after reading your book Automatic Wealth, I had tripled my income to six figures, built a solid base of conservative investments, and started my own information marketing business. And as I write this email I'm looking at the hand written card you sent me that still sits on my desk for inspiration.

“I've continued putting your advice to work and was promoted last week to running the entire marketing department of my division (dream job!).” 

Gabriel Gloege
New York City

But we’ve carefully selected his most breakthrough, contrarian, and counterintuitive business principles and put them together in one place. It’s available for the first time in The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success.

By learning from the “master” you can transform your own ventures. By learning the right way to start a business you minimize your risk of losing time and money.

But this isn’t useful only for start ups. Whether you already have your own company or work for somebody else you’ll learn principles and “business rules” that will improve put you in line for promotion after promotion.

You’ll know:

  • The Anti-Trend Guide to developing 7-figure products.
  • How to get your competitors – yes, your competitors - to tell you exactly where to find new customers.
  • The 3 Key Elements that Must Work Together for Your Ads to Work
  • The “right” mistakes to help your business grow
  • And much more…

Your Learning Curve Will Shrink… Even Disappear

The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success comes in two parts. First is the book, Sell First, Ask Questions Later and 11 Other Principles of Business Success

“I first met Michael back in 1993, when I was an idealistic and very poor poet. Realizing that my fortune would not be made in rhyming couplets, I decided to get a proper job and was fortunate enough to be personally mentored by Michael.

“Inspired by his no-nonsense 'Ready Fire Aim' approach I went on to enjoy a very successful career as a copywriter and publisher.

“Today I run my own publishing business with my wife - this year it will make more than $3 million net profit. I own a beautiful $2.5 million home in London, England and a property portfolio worth a further $1.37 million.

“I owe a very large part of my success to Michael's inspiration, encouragement and guidance over the years.

Nic Laight - CEO Canonbury Publishing Ltd (UK)

In this how-to guide Michael explains in plain, simple language how business really works. He lays out the 12 most important elements that every entrepreneur in any business in any industry must understand to survive and thrive.

Take Brad Solomon. By following Michael’s advice to network constantly and seek mentors and powerful partners, he built up the contacts necessary to go from corporate account (and a $50k) salary to a net worth of $4 million with his own direct marketing-based business.Or how about the CEO of a European division of Michael’s largest client. By focusing on Michael’s “power of back-end sales” philosophy and “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach she sold more products, more quickly to existing customers. Her division went from $5 million to $22 million in just five years!

These are hidden secrets that most who write about business either don’t know or don’t want to tell you. These aren’t tough to understand or complicated techniques. In fact, they’re so simple (yet counterintuitive) you can start applying these principles right away.

Along with the book you’ll join Michael and 250 other Early to Risers (who paid $2,000) as he presents his most powerful business secrets in a pair of seminar presentations.

The first is The Four Stages of Business Growth. It’s a step-by-step guide to taking your business from 0 to $100 million or more. Michael has identified the major challenges every business faces in each stage from start up to multi-million corporation. And he shows you how to overcome those hurdles.

And he highlights the major opportunity that comes in each stage that every entrepreneur should be ready to take advantage of.

In the second, Essential Skills for Eternal Wealth, Michael shares the 9 indispensable (and sometimes surprising) qualities necessary for creating and maintaining a profitable business. He learned these from his business mentors – who combined have made billions - and now he passes the key traits you need as entrepreneur.

Hundreds of people paid $2,000 to see these presentations – and he was mobbed for questions after. Now you can see it for a fraction of the price in your home or office.

Like a Personal Consultation with Michael Himself

The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success comes out of all that Michael has learned during 40-year business career. It came out of his observations… failures… mistakes large and small… but also triumphs…. most lucrative deals… most experienced mentors… and most profitable products.

He charges $1 million for that type of advice – and believe me people wait in line to pay that. In fact, a few years ago we convinced Michael to host a very exclusive gathering limited to 30 established entrepreneurs. They paid $10,000 to have Michael to troubleshoot their businesses. And once a year, 200+ people gladly pay $2,000 for the chance to hear Michael speak and to maybe catch him for a just a few minutes in the hallway.

Michael’s advice is well worth the $2,000 and $10,000 ticket price he commands when he speaks, as well as the $1 million he charges his personal clients. But you won’t pay near that.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also offering a very special bonus. A regular check up, if you will, of what Michael Masterson is thinking and doing right now. It’s a free subscription to ETR’s VIP service, a newsletter written solely by Michael himself. Ready Fire Aim: The Michael Masterson Dispatch is Michael at his most informal and off the cuff.

This is not what he writes in ETR. It’s for more advanced readers and will deal in a wide spectrum of subjects – not just business. Health, philosophy, books, productivity, culture, politics, marketing, copywriting… it will all make its way into RFA. But not in an abstract sense. It’s still all actionable advice you can use to improve your life, whether at home, at work, or anywhere in between.

“One of my concerns when attending an event always is, ‘Am I going to have access to the best and the brightest?’ and in the very first day it was taken care of.

“The content presented at the Michael Masterson Business Building Conference was first class. I’m walking away from this conference with a business strategy on how to make my business grow by two or three times in the next 12 months.

Scott Martineau, CEO
Destin, Florida

Michael might, for example, let you know what sort of investments he’s making right now. Or he might tell you something about how he stays productive. Or he might recommend something you should read or buy.

You’ll be getting his most specific recommendations… his in-depth explorations of business issues… his no holds barred advice and counsel.

Here’s just a small taste of what he’s written about in the past few weeks:

  • His down-market real estate and stock investment strategies.
  • How to recession-proof your career – avoiding the cuts that are coming.
  • Mastering the Emotionally Compelling Fact.
  • The 6 key elements you need in place for a successful retail business – and the 7 things you can do to get them.

Weekly, sage advice like that from Michael is worth the price alone! And once you’re a subscriber you can ask him questions about your business… your career… your investments… and more that he may answer in a future issue.

So what’s stopping you?

The tips, techniques, and secrets in The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success are the same ones that propelled Michael from run of the mill businessman to a super-successful entrepreneur who made himself and his partners very wealthy.

Remember you’ll receive the book, two seminar presentations, and a bonus subscription to RFA. Two information-packed guides you can refer to again and again and a regular “check up” from Michael himself.

All of that for only $79.

A Full Refund – No Questions Asked – and You Get to Keep the Bonus

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success… well, you can get a full refund within 14 days… and you don’t have to return a thing! And you get to keep your bonus subscription to the Ready Fire Aim VIP newsletter. You can’t lose!

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Success

It’s a success blueprint you can use if you’re thinking of starting a business, are struggling in your current endeavors, or even if you want to stand out in your current job.

So what are you waiting for?

Best Regards,

Charlie Byrne

Early to Rise Associate Publisher

P.S. The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success is all you need to fulfill your business dreams. With two information-packed seminar presentations, a book filled with 12 tested business principles, and a bonus free subscription to Michael Masterson’s exclusive VIP newsletter, Ready Fire Aim, you will be equipped with a lifetime’s worth of business knowledge.

It’s available to you now for only $79.

Of course, if you know anything about Michael Masterson you know he values action above all else. So if you order The True Path to Profits: A Master Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success right now, you’ll also receive INSTANT access to a bonus teleconference featuring Michael and Rich Schefren, the marketing “gurus’ guru.” Within minutes of ordering you will have started on your business building journey.

Rich purposely moved his office down the road from Michael, so he could seek his advice as he builds his own business. And listening to this conference is like being a fly on the wall for one of those “insider” marketing meetings.

How to eliminate the bottlenecks in your business (it may be you)… the one invisible factor that can sink even the most robust business… why you should embrace your competitors and tell them all (well almost all) your secrets… it’s all on this call and that’s just a small taste.