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The new blueprint for success in the Internet Age... and how it helped this pool digger go from zero to $100 million...
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Dear Friend,

I've got a personal secret.  One that could make YOU a lot of money in 2008...

In a moment, I'll tell you exactly what it is.

For now let me just say...

It has to do with a completely new way of approaching business and life.  Some people call it a new "blueprint for success in the Internet Age."

When I first discovered this blueprint, I was skeptical.  It sounded crazy.  Almost every idea ran contrary to the mainstream business thinking. 

Yet people I knew and trusted from London to New York... Washington, D.C. to Miami... and Paris to Melbourne... were whispering about the moneymaking power of this "amazing, almost shocking new approach to business."

But there was no getting around it: These ideas were NOT what you normally see on the shelves at your local bookstore... A few examples...




But I kept an open mind. 

The author of this blueprint - called Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat - is a New York Times bestselling author, after all. More important, this was the secretive blueprint he had used to help craft not one... but TWO $100 million-plus business empires.

So I figured, Why not?  Maybe it was time to try something different... time for a quantum shift in thinking that might launch my own business to the next level... or levels.

I put the blueprint to work.  The results were instantaneous.  They were profoundly good.  (I'll tell you exactly how good in a moment.) 

And now I firmly believe that this book can do the same for you.  If you're looking to reach the next level in business or in life, this is the simplest and fastest way to get there.  At least that has been my experience... and the experience of the author as well...

"The First Major Shift in Business Thinking Since the
1937 Publication of Think and Grow Rich"

As you're about to discover, Ready, Fire, Aim lays out a completely new approach to business and life. 

"If you are starting a new business... Michael has written this book just for YOU."

~ Robert L. Cox, author of The Billionaire Way

It's so practical and sensible that anyone with an average intelligence can use this blueprint to make their first $1 million... $50 million... $100 million or more!

But how can it be so powerful?

Because Ready, Fire, Aim represents the first major shift in business thinking since the 1937 publication of Think and Grow Rich

The blueprint it lays out helped the author go from pool installer to self-employed multimillionaire before his 40th birthday. 

"The Secret He Used to Help Build TWO $100 Million Empires"

After helping build his first $100 million "mini empire" of travel agencies, publishing houses, real estate firms and vitamin retailers, Michael Masterson wrote a string of bestsellers (New York Times, Amazon, etc.).

Titles included Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire... Power and Persuasion... Seven Years to Seven Figures... Automatic Wealth...and Automatic Wealth for Grads...

These books revealed his uniquely powerful techniques for supercharging your personal finances... But he never revealed the secretive nuts-and-bolts blueprint he used to help build businesses...

Until now... in Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat... For a sneak peak inside, please read on...

After helping to create his first $100 million "mini empire," Masterson retired, wrote books (and a movie script that was optioned), traveled the world... And then he decided to find out if his success plan would provide "repeatable results."

It worked... big time.  He then helped grow a second company from $8 million to more than $300 million in 15 years...

And he did it all by FLOUTING THE MAINSTREAM BUSINESS IDEAS... and using the detailed, step-by-step blueprint you'll find in his new book Ready, Fire, Aim...

How YOU Can Get There Too... In 4 Easy Stages!

Ready, Fire, Aim reveals that blueprint in detail, so you can copy Michael's plan... and his success... After just 10 minutes with this book, you'll know how to:

  • Start a business from scratch and make it profitable in less than 2 years...
  • Take a developed business that has stalled and get it moving again...
  • Keep a growing business growing as annual revenues climb from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Get other people to do ALL the HARD WORK for you, so you are free to do only the fun stuff
  • Duplicate your winning strategy in several businesses so you never have to worry about needing any one of them...

Putting just a few of these strategies to work could hand you the "best job in the world" - self-employed multimillionaire. 

And you can get there too - in four simple stages - with the plan you'll discover for the first time in Ready, Fire, Aim...

Get the Cash Flowing RIGHT NOW

The first stage requires you to do only one thing.  It's not creating a plan.  It's not filing paperwork.  It's not "following your dream."  Instead you need to... GET THE CASH COMING IN THE DOOR NOW!

Masterson shows you exactly how with ideas such as...

  • Get Rich... Without the PERFECT IDEA! You don't even need an idea to get started with your entrepreneurial journey.  You won't have to "create a master plan."  Just get ready... start firing... and THEN aim! Here's the secret... Page 78
  • NO MORE HARD WORK!  Fear of hard work is not a character flaw... It's natural... and it's smart.  Fact is, hard work KILLS... Find out how you can get rich faster by respecting your natural fear of hard work... and live longer too!  Page 122
  • "An extraordinary book to help you make more sales and profits than you ever imagined possible."

    - Brian Tracy, author of The Way to Wealth

    REAL SUCCESS BEGINS WITH THIS SECRET: If you define success by fancy business cards... snazzy office furniture... and slick-looking brochures, it's time to ditch your old ideas, and devote your attentions to creating TRUE success... the freedom to do what you want... NOW... Page 124
  • Use "ANTI-ADVERTISING" to Quadruple Your Cash! Start by making a list of every feature of your product... then take these 2 additional steps for creating the perfect, DIRT-CHEAP advertising campaign... Page 107

These are just a few of the ideas you'll use to get the cash flowing instantly... Now you can create greater cash flow by simply cloning your first success!

Clone Your Cash Stream... and Explode Past the $1 Million Barrier

In Stage 2, you'll see your business turn into a kind of personal ATM machine.  How?  You take the cash generator you created in Stage 1 and simply multiply it as many times as you like.

About 95% of businesses fail to exceed the million-dollar revenue threshold - to get through Stage 2 - according to BizStats.  But you'll get the money rolling in fast with ideas like these...

  • "RFA Revenue Multiplier" - Reach $16 Million Fast:  One of Masterson's clients rocketed from $1 million a year to $16 million almost overnight with the RFA Revenue Multiplier... You can use this same technique to double your income... again and again... Page 137
  • BE UNORIGINAL... AND GET RICH! According to a recent Fortune article, "An entrepreneur is a kind of genius who is born, not made." Nonsense!  Find out how to make your first $10 million by NEVER taxing your brain too hard or using your imagination... Page 138
  • $4 Million in 12 Months... with the "Mirror Launch Technique"...  Here's the inside story of how one business reached the $4 million revenue mark using Masterson's little-known "Mirror Launch Technique"... and how it could do the same for YOU... Page 140
  • "It will be read by people 50 years from now..."

    - Porter Stansberry, Founder, Stansberry & Associates

    Being Bold Is Just Plain STUPID!  Trying to "break new ground" with your product idea is a mistake, says Masterson... Instead you should simply take this much safer path to double-digit millions, without taking the big risks that 90% of failed entrepreneurs will take this year... Page 150

Once you've opened the up the cash spigots and have the money flooding in for real... it's time to start funneling even more money into your bank account... by working LESS!

Build an AUTO-PILOT for Your Business... So You Can Relax

Yes you've got a few million in the bank... But the problem is, the company has started taking too much of your personal time...

The solution?  Simply build an "Auto-Pilot" for your business by following Masterson's detailed plan for succeeding in Stage 3:

  • OVERCOME YOUR WEAKNESSES... WITHOUT REALLY TRYING...  Masterson has perfected the secret for hiring people with an uncanny ability to fill in your blind spots and weak areas... so you can focus on your customers... your business... and your exploding income... Here are 6 "keys" to identifying the perfect henchman (or woman). Page 285
  • STOP THE PAPERWORK TRAIN IN ITS TRACKS!  With all the new reporting, data and information out there, some businesspeople are awash in reports... But as a Ready, Fire, Aim sharpshooter, you'll only need THREE numbers from your top people to run your entire business with ease... Masterson reveals what they are on... Page 287
  • MICHAEL'S "TWO-HEADED ORG CHART" DOUBLES YOUR COMPANY'S EFFICIENCY OVERNIGHT!  The traditional "organizational chart" has been rendered useless by the Internet's unique organizational requirements... This new "Org Chart for the Internet Age" will speed up your organization exponentially... and instantly.  Here's how... Page 287-291 

But don't stop here... The fun has just begun.  Now it's time to turn your small business into a "sky's the limit" mini empire... Masterson calls it Stage 4...

Become Your Company's Biggest Loafer... And Get Richer by the Day

"Stuff you can use right now, today, to accelerate your climb to the top of the financial ladder."

- Robert Ringer, Author of To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?

In Stage 4, you watch your business really take on a life of its own... so you can go golfing, fishing... or whatever it is you REALLY want to do with your time.  Meanwhile, you'll be getting even richer with ideas like...

  • 6 SIMPLE STEPS TO MASTER BASIC NEGOTIATION: Even if you HATE negotiating, these easy steps can remove the fear... quadruple your confidence... and make sure everyone comes out smelling like roses...  Page 303
  • POWERING UP THE "SUPERSTAR MAGNET": Masterson has discovered something strange in the modern-day hiring market... And this single secret will ensure that you attract "millionaire-making" young superstars, cheaply... right under the noses of your competitors... Page 309
  • LET OTHERS DO THE HARD WORK! There's an easy method for getting others to do the hard work for you... and this secret will ensure that your new hires LOVE their job.  That keeps them around longer, and keeps the cash flowing even faster for you! Page 314
  • THE "PEOPLE SECRET" TO TRIPLING REVENUES... You can triple your overall revenues by tripling the performance of each individual employee every single day... Here's how to do it, without resorting to modern-day "sensitivity"!  Page 315

At this point, the simple plan you'll have in place will carry your business through to the $100 million annual revenue mark and beyond.

But we've only scratched the surface.  Ready, Fire, Aim is simply brimming with moneymaking ideas, from cover to cover... and they're ready for you to begin using starting today... step by simple step!

"Early-In" Readers Get a 20% Discount

Since you'll be among the very first readers in the world to claim your copy of Ready, Fire, Aim... you qualify to receive the special discount we're reserving exclusively for "Early-In" readers... folks who are used to getting in on the best ideas early... and adapting them the fastest.

"I read it cover to cover.  I'm buying a copy for every one of my employees."

- Julia Guth, Executive Director, The Oxford Club (America's largest club for private investment research)

Respond today and you'll be rewarded right away.  You'll receive Ready, Fire, Aim for just $22.36.  (Others will have to pay $27.95 when it hits the shelves at your local bookstore.) 

But please keep in mind: this discounted offer could expire at ANY time.  So it's important that you act quickly to lock in your discount...

Considering that Masterson charges $1 million (which can be paid incrementally as the business grows) to provide these ideas to his clients around the world, this is a pretty good deal.  Considering that this is the exact plan he used to help build several $100 million-plus mini empires, it looks even better!

My Personal Secret Revealed... PLUS a Guarantee

Now... about that "personal secret" I mentioned earlier?  Well, I almost never mention these things in public.  But in this case, I feel you should know.

Over the past 12 months, I've been using the Ready, Fire, Aim approach myself.  It has taken my business from about $200,000 in annual profits... to more than $26 million in total revenues (and a correspondingly hefty profit margin as well).  And it's done that in just ONE YEAR!

That's why I'm willing to make you this rock-solid guarantee:

If Ready, Fire, Aim isn't the most powerful program you've ever seen for taking your business or life to the next level, simply return it and receive a prompt, full refund... No questions asked... I can't make it any more "NO RISK" than that!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by at least checking out this revolutionary new blueprint for success in the Internet Age.

To claim your copy of Ready, Fire, Aim, please CLICK HERE now.


MaryEllen Tribby
Publisher and CEO
Early to Rise

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