Food for Thought: The Unlimited Potential for Creating Wealth

The truth is this: Some forms of wealth are limited. Others can be recreated. Natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) are available in limited supply. Human resources (intelligence, creativity, and skill) are available in infinite quantities.

Most of the products of intelligence, creativity, and skill are also unlimited. As long as there are 100 people living on this planet, there will be 100,000 possibilities for creating wealth.

A hundred years ago, there were horses and buggies, telegraphs and steamships. Now there are cellphones, three-car garages, and jumbo jets. There are washing machines and refrigerators. Antibiotics and polio vaccines. TVs and satellites and MRI machines.

All this technology was invented, and it has not only enriched our world but has also made more than a few people wealthy.

Here's another example, much closer to home. My house was built 10 years ago. It replaced a smaller house, built in the 1960s. Before that house, this spot was an empty bit of beach. Something - a very nice house - replaced nothing. That makes my little piece of real estate part of a vast and growing economy.

See what I'm saying? Wealth - whether in the form of technology, ideas, or property - is created all the time.

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